Monday, October 17, 2011

Fashion as seen in Paris Fashion Week 2011

Paris Fashion Week is the greatest place to see the most fashionable people in the world. You can see how fashion insiders, famous bloggers and of course, models, dress when presenting themselves to the fashion world.

Primarily, we see two different sides of street-styles there. On the one hand, there is femininity, with flowing dresses, soft blouses, beautiful jewelery and delicate heels. And then there is more of a boyish and relaxed side, with basic simple separates, into which these fashionistas add drama by wearing stunning shoes and accessories.

By studying the pictures, you can see that the best way to be in style right now is keeping your outfit as simple as possible and investing in the best shoes and bag you can afford. Or if you have the most beautiful and decorated dress, let it shine by choosing simple pumps and an understated bag.

And don’t forget colors - this is the time to be bold! Almost every color is in fashion right now. The fall brought warmer colors on top of the list, but you can combine spicy warm colors with bright neons and pale pastels. It’s all in the mix. If you prefer mild neutral colors, be a bit adventurous and brighten your look with a small pop of color via your clutch or top.

Model wearing a simple outfit accented with falls trendy color rust and sporting a fashionable briefcase bag style.

 You can dress up shorts with a nice jacket, note the YSL Downtown tote.

 Hanneli Mustaparta wearing colors and a white bag.

 Interesting pattern combination in a flowy dress.

 Be bold and try unconventional color combinations; pink and rust is a cool combination.

Céline's jean dress is stylish in a casual way. The neutral colored shoes and bag compliment the blue colors beautifully.

Black is always in fashion. Cut your jeans and wear with a tee, just add a nice bag and shoes.

Now you can see many different stripe combinations, not just the basic black and white.


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