Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cool Apps for Pros

The boom of digital technology has done plenty to bring photography to a wider audience, yet despite the fact that anyone with a tablet or smartphone can feel like they are a pro, there is no doubt that the study of light a professional photographer undertakes, marks the difference between interesting hobby work, and a professional shoot.

Of course, iPads and phones are far from an enemy from most pros, thanks to the wealth of apps that can make our job a little bit easier, more predictable, and even more pleasurable. In this post we preview a few apps that are making waves among pros across the globe:

Adobe® Color Lava for Photoshop®

This cool app allows you to create your very own artist’s palate on your tablet, mixing colours and creating your very own swatch, for use later in Photoshop. The app even comes with an attractive ‘water well’ to ‘clean’ your fingers as you change from one colour to another. Any colours and swatches created can also be sent to other artists of photographers via email.

Adobe® Nav for Photoshop®

Nearly all photographers use Photoshop these days to perfect their work, though this app makes it easier to network between your tablet and your computer. Any stored photos can be transferred directly to Photoshop on your computer, so that making the changes and adjustments you need is quicker and more practical. The App is a pretty cool idea from a safety perspective as well, since by transferring shots to your computer, you can ensure your valuable work isn’t lost.

LightTrac: Time is money and you definitely don’t want to waste it by heading to the great outdoors on the wrong day or at the wrong time. This app will let you know the conditions of the lighting and the right time for you to commence your shoot. The App calculates the height and angle of the sun or moon for any date and time and on any point on the Earth, plotting it on a satellite map. This will enable you to plan a shoot up to months in advance, which is very useful if you are travelling to a special location abroad. You can also work out the exact time that the sun or moon will rise or set and save multiple locations at once. The app will detect your timezone automatically as well.

f/8 DoF Calculator: This depth-of-field and hyperfocal distance calculator for iPhone and iPod touch presents all parameters and values on one screen, without the need for scrolling. It comes with presets for a wide array of camera models (over 800), including cameras by Caonn, Kodak, Konica, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Samsung, Sony and just about any brand you can think of.

Photosmith: Sync your shots to a Lightroom without forking out on monthly cloud costs. Organise your shots by category while you are on the move and edit IPTC data on your tablet. Export chosen pics to social networking sites or Dropbox, with embedded metadata included.

Wireless Mobile Utility: This App, created by Nikon Corporation, connects your iOS device to Nikon digital cameras wirelessly, so you can download images, share them via email or upload chosen images to Facebook and other social media sites. You can even control your camera remotely, with your iOS device displaying the view through the camera lens.

Pocket Light Meter: This App measures reflected light with great exactitude, allowing for reciprocity calculations. It also allows you to write yourself log notes, which always include the exposure and location information. Photographers have claimed that the readings are very accurate – comparable to results obtained from top cameras.

SoftBox Pro for iPad: This handy app gives you the perfect reflection you are looking for; just choose the shape, pattern and brightness you wish to work with and let the shooting commence. The app works best in dark areas and you will need a tripod to stabilize your camera. The app features 15 different soft box shapes, as well as 15 grids and patterns, enabling you to make subtle changes to the reflection. Adjust the brightness and choose from 15 different colours to imbue your work with the ambience and feel you desire. Use foil or other reflective materials to reflect the light.

-This is an article by Helen Conlon written for Mr Coolpool.com

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